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The Planist portal serves as the main analytical tool for the advisor. This web portal provides a full range of financial tools which provide analysis and recommendations specific to your clients. Whether to confirm retirement planning or to verify the pertinence of certain financial products, the Planist Portal reunites the necessary instruments to get the job done and ensure your clients’ financial health.

Strategic Analysis Tools

Financial Needs Analysis (Income Replacement)

The assurance of being properly insured

What constitutes adequate coverage?

Finally! A tool that facilitates and justifies insurance needs analysis.
Planist has develop a unique Financial Needs Analysis tool that accurately calculates the amount of insurance required to, pay off debts, replace income, provide for children’s post secondary education, and help realize special projects.

Results from the analysis provide clear and concise information which the client will understand and buy into the pertinence of life insurance as a wealth protection tool.

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Personal Retirement Optimiser (PRO)

Your clients will benefit from our financial optimisations

See how PRO will help you optimise your clients’ retirements.

Are your clients saving enough to have a comfortable retirement? How can you project and evaluate their income at retirement?

The guiding principle of this analysis and optimisation program is to ensure that one’s standard of living before retirement should be maintained into retirement. No more fumbling with budget plans and other annoyances from typical retirement analysis methods. The Personal Retirement Optimiser (PRO) aims to become the new reference in the industry. Our method is accurate and effective.

It aims to maintain the current standard of living by analysing current income levels and deducting for expenses that are not applicable at retirement. This gives the analysis then simulates the effects of drawing this amount from the various savings and revenue sources once in retirement.

The result is an accurate estimation of how much your clients can earn/draw in retirement and for how long. This invaluable analysis is complimented by before and after results using multiple optimisation options such as increasing RRSP contributions, splitting eligible pension income, etc.

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Personal Retirement Optimiser with Estate Analysis (PRO & Estate)

Because your clients should protect their hard earned estate

Protect your clients’ estates by evaluating the tax bill over time.

PRO & Estate is the next logical step following the retirement analysis. This software identifies and isolates the taxable assets at death and factors any asset rollover to the spouse.

In addition to accounting for various types of insurance policies, PRO & Estate calculates the latent income tax liability while factoring in any withdrawals, deposits, returns, and any other future transactions.

You now have the ability to accurately predict the tax bill at death for each year to help your client’s plan for this significant expense.

PRO & Estate is an indispensable tool for those who value Estate planning as a value added service.

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