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Our unique financial portal provides access to a multitude of analytical tools and services covering all facets required to create realistic and optimal financial plans and strategies.


To create and optimize financial plans and strategies that provide high quality advice to financial services professionals for the benefit of their clients.

We strive to offer the best possible financial planning analysis, tools, and recommendations using a holistic and neutral approach from a seasoned and multidisciplinary team of experts.


Planist Ltd. was created in 1999 in response to the need for financial services professionals to obtain independent and neutral financial planning and advisory services . Under the watch of its President and Founder, Alain Parent, Planist strives to help financial services professionals provide the best possible financial planning analysis, tools, and recommendations using a seasoned and multidisciplinary team of experts.


Many advisors across Canada have been pleasantly surprised by the great results that they’ve achieved from Planist services and tools. Whether using our strategic analysis software or mandating Planist to create advanced financial plans, advisor and client success stories have been multiplying.

A few examples:

I consider myself a fervent advocate of the financial planning approach so I congratulate Planist for putting together a competent team of professional, tools and expertise. I’ve been using Planist services for more than 18 months and I can agree that clients’ benefits from these financial plans are enchanted by the results and presentation. Using Planist has helped me solidify my client relationships, close important cases, and establish the credibility of my service offering within my firm.

Claude Chalifoux, CLU, Pl. Fin.
Vice President,
Services financiers Valeurs mobilières Desjardins

I’ve been using Planist to prepare comprehensive strategic financial plans for my clients over the past 1 1/2 years. I expect that over 50% of my income has been derived from clients who have benefited from this service. I see a real advantage to review a client’s financial situation from a very objective perspective and most times offering unique solutions and strategies to address their needs for wealth accumulation and protection, tax efficient retirement, estate planning, and business succession planning. I would recommend Planist’s services to any advisor looking to move to the next level of financial planning for their clients.

Dan Dean, B.Sc., CFP
Dan Dean Financial

Great experience for both the MGA and the advisor.

I introduced Planist to my advisors in 2005. Since then, we’ve had some great success with this tool.

Completing the FNA (Financial Needs Analysis) with the clients is a great experience. It makes the clients take a serious look at their situation and have an honest and frank discussion that they most likely would have never had. The clients are very impressed by the professionalism of the reports produced by Planist and they are generally very comfortable that the recommendations fit their situation to a tee.

In one particular case, my son Chris, who is an advisor with our company, was able to do wonders and the commission earned was enough to pay for the subscription to Planist services for many, many years.

Planist is an incredible tool. The clients are happy, the advisor is happy, and the MGA (me) is happy.

Ken Mossing, CSA
Performance Financial Services Inc.